Together, we are the voice for patient safety.

LPFP is focused on meaningful advocacy to ensure safe medical care.

LPFP is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization comprised of physicians who engage
lawmakers to promote good legislation.

Education, advocacy, and engagement are key.

LPFP organizes grassroots and direct lobbying campaigns to ensure patient safety.


LPFP teaches the physician advocate about current health-related legislation and provides the skills, tools, and opportunities for outreach. We educate the legislator about effects of good and bad legislation so they can make well-informed decisions.


LPFP relentlessly advocates for patients, transparency, and physician-led care. We promote high-quality education and training in addition to political change through our professional expertise to ensure safe care for all patients of Louisiana.


LPFP facilitates engagement and empowerment of physicians and supporters to bring their voices to the forefront of patient advocacy. The voice of the physician expert is paramount to our cause.



LPFP focuses on building power within the physician, patient, and supporter communities to directly affect law and policy. We can achieve real power when the entire physician community activates. LPFP organizes to make the best advocacy campaigns.


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